Embassy Gulf Service Station

The Embassy Gulf Service Station is an important and intact example of 1930s gas station architecture in DC.

The Embassy Gulf Service Station is a notable example of the 1930s gas station architecture, illustrative of efforts to produce more attractive gas stations that enhanced rather than detracted from neighboring architecture. This practice exemplified oil companies' efforts to develop a corporate image through architecture and is symbolic of the rise of the automobile and its attendant services. This "artistic" gas station was designed in the neoclassical style by Gulf Oil Corporation chief architect P.R.L. Hogner.

The station was built in 1936 and is a one-story, freestanding building in temple form with a gable roof, limestone facades, Tuscan columns, and fan transoms.

DC Inventory: June 16, 1993
National Register: September 30, 1993



2200 P Street, NW