George Washington University, President’s Office

These two rowhouses are a reminder of the Foggy Bottom area before it housed George Washington University.

The original owner of the two rowhouses of the George Washington University's President's Office commissioned separate architects, but hired one builder. These homes visually form a single unit. The house at 2003 G Street was designed by Victor Mindeleff, while the house at 700 20th Street was designed by noted Washington architect George S. Cooper. Both were designed for owner John W. Foster in 1892, and built by Theodore A. Harding.

The President's Office buildings are principally important as significant survivors from the period when Foggy Bottom was a fashionable residential area. These two Victorian rowhouses stand as a visual reminder of the area's turn-of-the-century prominence and reflect Foggy Bottom's residential character, both in style and building type. Their association with the university during the twentieth century serves to link the school to the history of Foggy Bottom and provides the campus with a rich architectural heritage.

DC Inventory: November 18, 1987
National Register: September 13, 1991



2003 G Street, NW