Hattie M. Strong Hall, George Washington University

George Washington University's first women's dormitory was built with funds donated by philanthropist Hattie M. Strong.

Hattie M. Strong Hall was constructed in 1934 using plans by architects Waldron Faulkner and Alexander B. Trowbridge. It reflects the Georgian Revival style of a 1922 campus plan by architect Albert Harris and is a distinctive example of collegiate residential architecture, blending modernist geometrical massing with traditional style.

Strong Hall was the first women's dormitory on the George Washington University campus and built with funds donated by Hattie M. Strong, a philanthropist and university benefactor. The building is seven stories, brick with a limestone entrance portal and trim. The skyline of brick pergolas flanking a central pavilion is one of the most prominent campus features.

DC Inventory: November 18, 1987
National Register: April 12, 1991



620 21st Street, NW ~ Hattie M. Strong Residence Hall is a women’s dormitory on the campus of George Washington University in Washington, D.C.