Grace Church (Grace Protestant Episcopal Church)

Small Gothic Revival church housing the parish founded by Saint John’s Church in 1855 as a missionary church for canal boatmen and workers.

The "child" of two early existing Georgetown Episcopal Parishes, the Grace Parish was founded din 1855 as a mission church for boatmen and workers form the adjacent C & O Canal. With the financial support of District Governor Henry D. Cooke,the existing edifice was constructed in 1866-67; with major repairs in 1923 the structure has remained practically intact to this date.

Grace Parish is the only church in the waterfront area and this 103-year old structure remains practically unaltered from the time when the port of Georgetown and the C & O. Canal were the center of Washington's commercial life. While the architect is unknown, Grace Church bears a striking resemblance to the nearby Oak Hill Chapel designed by James Renwick in 1850.

Built 1866‑67
Rectory built 1895
Parish hall built 1898
DC listing November 8, 1964
National Register listing May 6, 1971



1041 Wisconsin Avenue, NW