Grace Reformed Church, Sunday School, and Parish House

Grace Reformed Church is comprised of three attached buildings- the Sanctuary building, the Sunday School building, and the Parish House.

Erected as a national memorial to the Reformed Church in the United States, Grace Reformed Church was constructed in 1902-03 to the plans of noted architects Paul Pelz and A. A. Ritcher. The church is designed in an elegant Gothic Revival style and is rich with sculptural ornamentation credited to the noted Washington, D.C. sculptor James Farrington Earley. The Sunday School building was erected in 1911-12 according to the plans of architect Paul J. Pelz and continues the Gothic Revival style of the church. The Parish House, designed by W. H. H. Knight in a Victorian rowhouse form, is an integral part of the complex. The Parish House, constructed in 1892, preceded the erection of the church and Sunday school buildings.

Grace Reformed Church's Washington congregation was established in 1868, and has been located on this site since 1880. Theodore Roosevelt was a member of the congregation and laid the cornerstone of the building. He regularly attended services during his presidency.

Built 1911-12,
Paul J. Pelz, architect
DC designation: January 16, 1991
National Register listing: April 18, 1991



1405 15th Street, NW