Hampshire Gardens

Hampshire Gardens is an early example of cooperative ownership and is comprised of 9 buildings, cross-shaped in plan, surrounding a central oval lawn.

First fully-developed garden apartment complex in Washington, consisting of buildings and grounds occupying an entire city block. This property is the only realized portion of grand scheme for 2,500-unit planned community, which was abandoned during the Great Depression. It features open, picturesque character and a landscaped setting that exemplifies progressive trends in 1920s development of middle-class housing. The buildings are 2 stories with Tudor Revival facades of tapestry brick and entrances trimmed with carved limestone.

Hampshire Gardens was built in 1929. The exterior architect was James E. Cooper, the interior architect was George T. Santmyers and the Landscape architects were Parks and Baxter.

DC Inventory: January 27, 1993
National Register listing: September 9, 1994



215, 225, and 235 Emerson Street, NW; 4915 3rd Street, NW; 208, 222, 236, and 250 Farragut Street, NW; 4912 New Hampshire Avenue, NW