Thomas Law House (Honeymoon House)

This 1790s house stands as a remnant of the original development along the Southwest waterfront.

Built on one of the lots owned by the Greenleaf Syndicate of prolific land speculator William Greenleaf, this large Federal townhouse was part of an extensive development planned for the waterfront that never materialized in full. In addition to its long history—the house was built from about 1794 to 1796—this mansion is noted for its inhabitants. It bears the name of the wealthy English aristocrat Thomas Law, who lived in the house for a brief period, shortly after his marriage to Elizabeth Parke Custis, a granddaughter of Martha Washington. The house also owes its nickname, "Honeymoon House," to the newly married Laws' short stay while awaiting the completion of their own home on New Jersey Avenue, which coincided with their honeymoon.

One of the few buildings to be spared during the urban renewal of the Southwest waterfront, the Thomas Law House holds a long and varied history, serving at various points as a hotel, a hospital, and a medical clinic. In recent years, the renovated house has resumed use as a private residence.

DC Inventory: November 8, 1964 (Joint Committee on Landmarks)
National Register: August 14, 1973



1252 6th Street, SW