General John A. Logan Statue

Logan Circle, NW

Except for the sub-base of pink granite, this elaborate memorial to Major-General John A. Logan, Civil War general, is made entirely of bronze. The equestrian statue, almost twelve feet high and ten feet wide, depicts Logan as a man of dignity and determination. He sits erect on his horse with his sword drawn. The bronze base is supported at the corners by pilasters and contains full relief bronze figures on each side. Huge female allegorical figures located on the north and south ends represent War and Peace. The two long sides contain large bas-reliefs of episodes in the general's life. The panel on the west shows Logan presiding over a council of war. The eastern panel depicts the General receiving the senatorial oath of office. Four American eagles are under the cornice of the pedestal at each corner. The Society of Tennessee and the government erected the statue at the cost of $65,000 under an act approved March 2, 1889. It was dedicated on April 9, 1901. Franklin Simmons was the sculptor.

Erected 1901 (Franklin Simmons, sculptor)
Within a L’Enfant Plan reservation
Logan Circle HD and Fourteenth Street HD



Logan Circle, NW