Meridian House

This 18th century French style mansion designed by John Russell Pope and its completely landscaped grounds work together as an architectural whole.

Meridian House is located at 1630 Crescent Place, west of 16th Street off Meridian Hill Park. It is located to the east of the White-Meyer House and faces north on Crescent Place; the property extends west to 17th Street and south to Belmont Place. The house is enclosed by concrete walls with limestone racing; each series of raised panels on the walls is separated by piers capped by marble spheres or vases. The entrance court screen on the north is convex and terminated at opposite ends by wooden double gates. The property is extended to the south by a landscaped terrace built on a 14'-6" high platform at first floor height.

John Russell Pope was commissioned by Ixw in Boyle
Laughlin (a Jones and Laughlin Steel heir and noted diplomat) to build Meridian House, which was completed by 1923. This 18th Century French style mansion is located on Crescent Place in the Meridian Hill area of Washington The house presently serves as the Washington International Center. The purpose of the Center is to acquaint overseas visitors with contemporary life in the United States. The house with its well landscaped and terraced grounds, and its excellent interiors has been well maintained.

Built 1921-23 (John Russell Pope, architect)
DC listing November 8, 1964
National Register listing May 8, 1973



1630 Crescent Place, NW