Potomac Boat Club

The Potomac Boat Club, constructed in 1908, is one of two remaining early 20th century boat clubs along the Potomac River in the District of Columbia.

Along with the Washington Canoe Club, the Potomac Boat Club represents recreational pursuits that were an important part of Washington life. The Potomac Boat Club meets Criterion A because of its association with the Potomac Boat dub, an organization founded in 1859.

The Potomac Boat Club survives as the only building in the District of Columbia associated with competitive rowing. While the building itself only dates to 1908, it is the sole remaining structure associated with the Potomac Boat Club and the history the Boat Club embodies. It represents not only the specific history of the club, but also the importance of rowing as a sport.

Although the Potomac Boat Club was organized to represent Georgetown (Proctor, May 3, 1936), the club's first boat house was located at the 10th Street Canal Bridge, thid building was followed by three successive boathouses at the foot of 31st Street in Georgetown, the most recent of which was constructed around 1875. (Proctor, April 6, 1930 and "A Brief History of the Potomac Boat Club"). The club moved to its present location in 1908.

The essential form and integrity of the Potomac Boat Club and its Craftsman style detailing remain unchanged. Because the river front and the signifi cant interior spaces remain, the building continues to reflect its historic association with the Potomac Boat Club and with rowing as it contributes to life on the Potomac River.



3530 K Street, NW