Zalmon Richards House

This small Victorian rowhouse is notable as the residence of the public education advocate Zalmon Richards.

This three-story Victorian rowhouse, with its slate mansard roof, is designated as a National Historic Landmark in recognition of the service of Zalmon Richards (1811-1899), who devoted most of his life to furthering the development of public education. Known primarily as the founder and first president of the National Teachers' Association (today's National Education Association), Richards was also largely responsible for the Congressional Act which in 1867 established a national educational office.

The end house in a row of identically designed brick structures, the Richards House was built between 1872 and 1873. Richards occupied the house from 1882 until his death in 1899 and taught in one of its rooms.

DC Inventory: July 24, 1968
National Register: October 15, 1966
National Historic Landmark: December 21, 1965



1301 Corcoran Street, NW