The Roosevelt

The Roosevelt is one of more than a hundred middle-class multi-family dwellings built between 1880 and 1900 in DC.

Built by architect firm C. Graham and Son, the Roosevelt was constructed in 1898 as a double rowhouse, multiple-family dwelling, first owned by Mahlon Groo. It is one of 105 purpose-built multi-family dwellings constructed in DC between 1880 and 1900 to house the city's growing middle class, of which 13 remain. The building contains six apartment units, presented in the form of a double rowhouse.

The Roosevelt is a vernacular example of an early effort to provide sufficient housing for a growing middle-class population with minimal compromise of accepted social values as idealized in the single-family residence. It gives a glimpse into the understanding of the development of the apartment building concept with the arrival of the middle class in DC.

DC Inventory: January 17, 1990
National Register: September 7, 1994



1116‑18 F Street, NE