Saint Luke’s Episcopal Church

Saint Luke's was the city's first independent Black Episcopal church, established in 1879 by Rev. Alexander Crummell.

Built between 1876 and 1879, Saint Luke's Episcopal Church was established by Rev. Alexander Crummell, who was one of the foremost African American scholars of the 19th century, a pioneer in establishing an African American tradition of scholarship, a spokesman for Black liberation, and the founder, in 1897, of the American Negro Academy. The Church epitomizes its founder's concept of the church as an institution for fostering social change, education, and self-help.

Saint Luke's is a major work of Calvin T.S. Brent, the city's first African American architect. It is designed in the early English Gothic style and features a long nave with cast iron columns, exposed roof framing, oak paneling, and stained glass.

DC Inventory: March 3, 1979
National Register: May 11, 1976
National Historic Landmark: May 11, 1976



15th & Church Streets, NW