Tivoli Theater

The Tivoli has been adaptively reused to house a smaller theater company, and a mixed use of retail.

The Tivoli is the only theater still standing in Washington by Thomas White Lamb, the leading theater architect of the Golden Age of motion picture palaces and, as such, it is identified with the work of an architect whose work influenced the evolution of a new building type and technology, as well as a new form of architectural expression within the United States.

As the grandest theater in the Crandall chain, the Tivoli is closely associated with Harry M. Crandall, an important local businessman and leading theater owner who significantly contributed to the cultural heritage and development of the District of Columbia, and embodies the usual distinguishing characteristics of the unique architectural expressions developed to fit the picture palace form.

As the most outstanding example of an extant picture palace in Washington whose role in the development of the local entertainment industry exemplifies the cultural, economic, social, and historical development of the District of Columbia, the Tivoli’s imaginative design, innovative technology, and sumptuous interior embody elements of design detail, materials, building technology, and craftsmanship.

DC Inventory: June 24, 1983
National Register listing: April 10, 1985



3301‑3325 14th Street, NW