Trinity Towers

Trinity Towers reflects modest apartment buildings popular in DC in the postwar period.

Built in 1928, Trinity Towers is a significant example of noted DC architect Harvey Warwick’s (1893-1972) Gothic Moderne-styled apartment building. Planned as a large, urban apartment building on the Fourteenth Street streetcar line, Trinity Towers helped to form an impressive corridor of modestly appointed apartment buildings that appealed to DC’s expanding federal and middle income workforce in the first decades of the twentieth century.

The building was erected during an era of tremendous growth in residential construction in DC that accompanied the post-war development of the federal government. Its modest design and amenities reflect the transition after the war from full-service luxury apartments to buildings designed and conceived for DC’s emerging and growing middle class residents.

DC Inventory: September 26, 2001
National Register: December 26, 2001



3023 14th Street NW