Old Engine Company No. 11

Built in 1900, Old Engine Company No. 11 (also known as Truck Company F) served the emerging neighborhood of Columbia Heights.

As one of the first of a new series of high-style firehouses created in the eclectic period between the late 1890s and World War I, Old Engine Company No. 11 stood as an expression of civic pride and as a testament to the importance of the Fire Department. The superb Italian Renaissance Revival design by local architect Leon Dessez is executed with a high degree of finish and formality, using Roman brick and glazed terra cotta detail. The rear stable, similar in design, also remains. The firehouse was built for Truck Company F (whose designation is inscribed in the terra cotta frieze); it was renamed Truck Company 6 in 1906, and merged with Engine Company 11 in 1940. The building was removed from active duty when Engine Company 11 relocated in 1982.

DC Inventory: July 22, 2004
National Register: June 6, 2007



1338 Park Road NW Washington D.C. 20010