Tudor Hall (Henley Park Hotel)

The Henley Park Hotel was first a popular apartment building for the middle class when it opened in 1918.

An example of an apartment building constructed during the building boom following World War I, Tudor Hall Apartments combined the luxurious elements of earlier buildings with affordable pricing that middle-class residents could afford. Designed by Walter Granville Guss in 1918, the Tudor Revival building contains a large and intricately designed lobby with modest and cost-friendly units throughout.

While DC residents were initially hesitant toward apartment-style living, buildings like Tudor Hall capitalized on the attractive design elements of early luxury apartments with the increasing need to house middle-class residents who preferred to be close to downtown office buildings for work. These elements attracted residents and led to the building having few vacancies for many years. Its location on Massachusetts Avenue also attracted renters, with multiple apartment buildings popping up along the thoroughfare during this same time period.

After 63 years serving as apartments, the building was converted into a luxury hotel in 1981. The property owners wanted to enhance the English style of the building, even purchasing authentic, antique English art and furniture to maintain the English aesthetic of the building.

This site is listed in the Apartment Buildings in Washington, DC: 1880-1945 Multiple Property Document.

DC Inventory: September 26, 2001



926 Massachusetts Avenue, NW