USS Sequoia

Built in 1924, the Sequoia is one of four surviving presidential yachts.

Designed by notable yacht designer John Trumpy, the Sequoia is a 104-foot long wooden boat with a single mast. Nine presidents utilized the Sequoia between 1931 and 1977. The yacht provided a space for social and recreational activity (such as John F. Kennedy's last birthday party) but also operated as a place of offical national business. 

Crucial domestic and foreign policy meetings and decisions occurred onboard the Sequoia, including discussions surrounding the development of the atomic bomb, American action in Vietnam war, and Nixon's infamous resignation from the presidency. 

Occasionally referred to by the press as "the floating White House" or the "floating Oval Office," the Sequoia was sold by Jimmy Carter in 1977 in his efforts to have a less "extravagant" presidency and enforce austerity in his role. Ownership has changed hands multiple times since the original sale, however, efforts to refurbish and reinstitute the yacht as a presidential resource continue. 

National Register and National Historic Landmark: December 23, 1987



Washington Navy Yard