Wardman Row

This row of historic apartment buildings represents an important part of middle-class housing history in DC.

Built between 1911 and 1912 by Harry Wardman, Wardman Row is associated with the most important builder/developer in Washington during the early decades of the 20th century. Wardman's houses, apartment buildings, and hotels changed the appearance of Washington and, at one point, provided housing for over ten percent of the city's population.

This row of apartment buildings is an important and perhaps unique example of Wardman's housing offerings for the middle class. Although more noted for his luxury buildings, Wardman's fortune was made providing housing for people of limited means. This coordinated row is significant in the social and architectural evolution of the apartment building and as an important example of the majority of Wardman's work.

Harry Wardman's buildings were characterized by their solid construction, fine craftsmanship and attention to amenities. While most obvious in his more luxurious buildings, these features are also found in Wardman Row, where solid masonry construction, elaborate and varied metal cornices, and plaster and wood decorative lobbies contribute to this handsome row.

DC Inventory: December 21, 1983
National Register: July 27, 1984
Within Fourteenth Street Historic District



1416‑1440 R Street, NW