Wardman Row

This row of historic apartment buildings represents an important part of middle-class housing history in DC.

Built between 1911 and 1912 on R Street between 14th and 15th streets, Wardman Row was constructed with the needs of potential middle-class residents in mind. Wardman Row is composed of seven four-story buildings: the Walton, Arden, Ripley, Dudley, Morton, Ashton, and Newlon. With the continued population growth of D.C., Wardman Row housed renters that needed to access downtown for work while also keeping to a modest budget. While not built in a luxurious style, the seven buildings were built with a solid construction and details that the developer Harry Wardman was known for.

As one of the most prolific builders during the early twentieth century, Harry Wardman developed a signature style and level of sophistication within all of his projects. While Wardman Row was built for middle-class residents, the attention to detail and design still gave the buildings a refined look that appealed to many. With the design elements, affordability, and access to downtown, these apartment buildings and many others provided favorable housing for many Washingtonians.

DC Inventory: December 21, 1983
National Register: July 27, 1984
Within Fourteenth Street Historic District

This site is a stop on the D.C. Apartment Buildings tour as an example of a Stacked Flats apartment building.



1416‑1440 R Street, NW