Old Engine Company 26/Truck Company 15 (Brentwood Firehouse)

Old Engine Company No. 26, also known as the Langdon Firehouse and Chemical Company No. 3, located at 2715 22nd Street, NE, Washington, D.C. is a historic firehouse built in 1908.

Old Engine Company 26 was erected in 1908 following a petition by the Northeastern Citizens’ Suburban Association for better fire protection for the new Langdon neighborhood. Because the firehouse served a suburban area generally beyond the city’s hydrant system, it received a chemical engine and was originally known as Chemical Company No. 3. The building was designed by A.B. Mullett & Sons, the firm led by the sons, Thomas and Frederick, of the deceased former Supervising Architect of the Treasury. It is the most domestic of the city’s firehouse designs--a half-timbered, sixteenth-century English manor house, with modifications to accommodate fire equipment.

The building was renamed Engine Company 26 at the beginning of the automobile era. In 1940, however, Engine 26 moved out when a restructuring of the fire department led to disposal of redundant stations.

Built 1936; Nathan C. Wyeth, architect
Nominated by the Capital Fire Museum

DC designation: June 23, 2005
National Register listing: August 8, 2007