Engine Company No. 22

Located near DC's border, Engine Company No. 22 primarily served Brightwood and Takoma Park and occasionally assisted fires in Maryland.

Originally constructed in 1892 to house Chemical Company No. 2, the site of Engine Company No. 22 had ideal access to serve the emerging neighborhoods of Brightwood and Takoma Park. Established in developing areas that lacked public water service, chemical companies were equipped with engines that pumped chemical fire suppressants.

Following a petition by Brightwood citizens to have a firehouse constructed in the vicinity, Engine Company No. 22 merged with Truck Company No. 11 in 1907 to serve the community. Despite the distances they had to cover, Engine Company No. 22 did not receive a motorized fire engine until 1918. Near the Maryland border and towns such as Silver Spring, Engine Company No. 22 was frequently called across the border to assist.

Nominated by the Capitol Fire Museum
DC Inventory: January 27, 2011
National Register: May 18, 2011



5760 Georgia Avenue NW