Park View School (and Auditorium Interior)

Park View School is distinctive among the District’s elementary schools for its large auditorium and is a remarkable example of Elizabethan Revival architecture.

In 1911, the quickly developing Park View neighborhood was in need of an elementary school for its 600 children. In 1916, after years of advocacy by the Park View Citizens’ Association, the 16-room school designed by Municipal Architect Snowden Ashford was completed. The school closely resembles Ashford’s high school designs and was a rare departure from the city’s Victorian or Colonial Revival style elementary schools. Also unique to Park View is its 700-seat auditorium. The hall, built well before other city elementary schools had auditoriums, was to be used for both school and community functions and includes a striking wooden truss supporting its roof.

DC Inventory: May 24, 2012
National Register: May 1, 2013



Warder Street, NW