Chapman Coal Company Stable and Garage

The Chapman Coal Company Stable and Garage is a collection of buildings constructed by coal dealer and developer J. Edward Chapman between 1906 and 1929.

The Chapman Coal Company Stable and Garage is an important surviving building in what was once a bustling light industrial complex established in the early-20th century. The site evolved over the decades from a coal office and coal yard with stables at the rear to a public garage at the front and manufacturing facilities at the rear. The surviving building at 57 N Street NW, built in 1912 and incorporating a 1908 stable building into it, was constructed as a garage with parking for 75 cars on the ground level and service repair facilities at the second story.

The building is a notable representation of the rise of the automobile and its impact on the city’s built environment, and a relatively rare example of an early-20th century commercial service and workshop complex.

Chapman Stables and Garages has since been converted into 114 condominium units, which are located throughout the original building and a new addition on the rear. There is also restaurant space located along N Street.

DC Inventory: March 28, 2013
National Register: October 23, 2013



37-57 N Street, NW and 66-76 Hanover Place, NW