Atlantic Building

The current Atlantic Building is a 10-story office structure completed in 2006, standing on a the same city block as the historic Ford's Theatre. The preserved facades of the turn of the century buildings previously occupying these lots form the face of the 2006 structure.

Built as an office structure, the 1888 Atlantic Building initially served primarily as a home for attorneys working with patent law. In 1890 the campaign headquarters of Benjamin Harrison were located in the 8th floor assembly rooms, and from 1905 to 1940 the building was occupied by the National Forestry Service. Fun fact, the National Zoo was founded at a meeting held here.

In recent history Washington DC's 930 club began here on the first floor of the old building taking its name from the 930 F Street address, and was located here until few years before the building's demolition. The 930 Club's bar located in the basement level was said to be a haunted remnant of an even older structure which had burned to ruins some time before the construction of the 1888 Atlantic Building.

Built 1887-88 (James G. Hill, architect)
DC listing November 8, 1964, omitted July 24, 1968, redesignated August 28, 1973;
within Pennsylvania Avenue NHS and Downtown HD



950 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20004