Bachelor Apartment House

The Bachelor Apartment House is DC's only known surviving example of an early luxury apartment house for single men.

The Bachelor Apartment House is one of the last apartment buildings remaining in what was once a unique residential neighborhood of luxurious single-family homes, apartment buildings, hotels and social clubs which developed in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in the Lafayette Square area convenient to the White House, the State, War and Navy building, the Treasury building, and other government and private offices. Its balanced, varied facade makes interesting use of aterials and detail, enlivening the texture and reinforcing the visual continuity of off-set H Street between Pennsylvania Avenue and Lafayette Square.

The building design presents an interesting solution to a specialized problem, achieving an elegant and intimate residential quality in a commercial multi-unit structure. It is the work of Hood, Donn and Deming, a prominent early twentieth century Washington architectural firm whose work includes the Union Trust Company, St. Patrick's Church and other individually designated landmarks.

DC Inventory: November 2, 1977
National Register: December 8, 1978



1737 H Street NW