Bomford Mill

The Bomford Mill was home to the milling business established by Col. George Bomford (1782-1848).

George Bomford was an Army ordnance expert and the owner of the mansion Kalorama. In 1845, he constructed a cotton factory on the site of a 1832 flour mill, which had burned down the previous year. The factory was sold to Thomas Wilson in 1850, who continued to run the cotton factory until the Civil War when the supply of cotton dried up.

In 1866 the building was sold to A.H. Herr, who converted it back to the property’s original use as a flour mill and enlarged it in 1883. During the late-19th century, the mill was known as Pioneer Flour Mill and was owned by Herr and various other partners. In 1916 the mill was purchased by the Wilkins-Rogers Milling Company. The adjacent K Street flour mill was built in 1922 on the site of 1847 flour mill owned by Alexander Ray.

DC Inventory: January 23, 1973 (Joint Committee on Landmarks)
Within Georgetown Historic District