Pierce Springhouse and Barn

The Pierce Springhouse and Barn, also known as the Art Barn, is an historic barn and springhouse located in Rock Creek Park, at Tilden Street and Beach Drive, Northwest, Washington, D.C.

The Pierce Springhouse is located in Rock Creek Park on the green median strip between the dual lanes of heavily used Tilden Street, N.W. The Springhouse is constructed of blue granite that was quarried locally at a nearby Broad Branch Quarry. The structure has two stories, with a brick chimney and a gabled wood shingled roof. The ground floor has three windows; the upper level has one window at either end of the building. The building of the Springhouse predated the erection of an other existing buildings at the former Pierce Plantation site.

The Pierce Barn is located in the same area of Rock Creek Park as the Springhouse and the mill. The barn is approximately 26' wide and 35' in depth and is constructed of blue granite that was quarried locally at the Broad Branch Road Quarry. The front wall of the barn facing Tilden Street is made of wood boards. The rear wall contains a,single window on. each of the three levels. The side wall facing Rock Creek contains four irregularly spaced windows two on each of the first two floors. The other side walls contain a total of six irregularly sized windows, three small windows located above the double barn door and the nearby main entry door. Three windows are located at the third floor just below the gabled roof. The roof is of gabled wood shingles with a single brick chimney.

The Pierce Springhouse and Barn are part of the remains of the Isaac Pierce Plantation that during the early l800's was a prosperous farm and grist mill operation. The Springhouse, used to cool milk and butter, was the first built, being constructed in 1801. The barn was one of several built by Pierce and its construction also predated the construction of the Mill, which is the focal point of the Plantation remains. But Isaac Pierce who built the mill was not a miller by trade but rather a farmer and a millwright. The mill was operated by a variety of neighboring millers, but the farm itself was worked by the Pierce family. The Pierce Plantation in it's entirety is significant as an example of the social and economic history of the area.

Built 1811; 1924
DC Inventory: November 8, 1964
National Register: September 6, 1990



2400 block of Tilden Street, N.W.