Young, Browne, Phelps, and Spingarn Education Campus

This planned school campus includes four Colonial and Classical Revival-style schools.

Spingarn Senior High School, Browne Junior High School, Charles Young Elementary School, and Phelps Architecture, Construction and Engineering (formerly Vocational) High School are located on approximately 27.25 sloping acres of land overlooking the historic Langston Golf Course and the Anacostia River in Kingman Park. The historic Langston Dwellings are located in the rear southwestern portion of the school buildings. The actual complex includes four public school buildings with sloping landscapes.

The educational campus was built specifically for African American students between 1930 and 1952. The schools were built in the middle-class neighborhood of Kingman Park during the era of racial segregation in DC. The schools were dedicated by many internationally famous and notable African American leaders and educators during this time period and were important centers for the growth of the community.

DC Inventory: May 28, 2015
National Register: April 22, 2013



2500 Benning Road NE, 704 26th Street NE, 820 26th Street NE, and 850 26th Street NE