Colorado Building

Stone eagles and lions decorate this 1922 office building.

Constructed in 1922, the Colorado Building was designed by architect George S. Townsend. In designing the nine-story office building, Townsend adapted the style of the Italian Renaissance. Marble, stone and brick went into the construction. The combination of materials and flamboyant decorative elements creates an impressive effect at this important corner of the downtown retail core.

The only changes to the original façade is the addition of ground floor shop fronts. The quality of these renovations even brought the Colorado Building Associates a national award for excellence in building modernization; however, this historic site nomination ensures the protection of its remarkable exterior ornamentation and prevents further alterations. The Colorado Building continues to be used as shops and office spaces today.

DC Inventory: November 8, 1964 (Joint Committee on Landmarks)

This site is included on the Women's Suffrage in Washington DC Tour for its significance as the headquarters of the District of Columbia Suffrage Association. 



1343 G Street NW