Federal-American National Bank (and Interiors)

615‑21 14th Street, NW

Federal-American National is the elegant headquarters of the bank formed in 1923 through merger of two institutions. It is the work of nationally prominent bank and skyscraper architect, Alfred C. Bossom, in association with Washington's leading Beaux-Arts practitioner, J.H. de Sibour. It later became the headquarters of the Hamilton National Bank, which was formed after the banking crisis of 1933.

Built in 1925-1926, the bank has an unusual plan with the banking room on a raised main floor and retail space at the grade. The building features a monumental Classical Revival facade in limestone with large arched windows, engaged columns, sculptural embellishment, and a bronze vestibule. The banking room is in the Renaissance Revival style and has a marble entrance stair, mezzanine, elaborate polychrome coffered ceiling, chandeliers, ornamentation in classical motifs, and an innovative open counter design.

DC designation: July 18, 1990 (including vestibule, lobby, staircase, and banking room with mezzanine)
National Register listing: December 29, 1994



615‑21 14th Street, NW