Georgetown Visitation Academy Historic District

The Georgetown Visitation Convent is the oldest Catholic girls' school in the United States.

Originally established as the Georgetown Academy for Young Ladies, the Georgetown Visitation Convent was the first Catholic girls’ school in America. It was established by religious women in 1799 and received the first American charter of the Order of the Visitation in 1816. This property serves as the mother house for 13 convents and is also notable for housing Saint Joseph's Benevolent School from about 1800 to 1918. Various buildings, dating from 1819 to 1934, contribute to this historic site.

DC Inventory: November 8, 1964 (Chapel of the Sacred Heart); March 7, 1968 (Monastery and Academy Building)
National Register: March 29, 1991



1500 35th Street, NW