Major General Winfield Scott Hancock Statue

This bronze equestrian statue stands in honor of the Civil War general who successfully repelled the Confederate attack in the Battle of Gettysburg.

Rising nine feet high, the figure of Major General Winfield Scott Hancock is dressed in the uniform of an army officer, sitting erect and facing forward on his horse with his hands holding the reins. The horse rears slightly on three legs, rested on a base of sculpted ground. The elaborate pedestal of Maine granite, with semicircular ends protruding from a rectangular center, is topped by a detailed cornice. The ends are decorated with foliage and palm leaf designs, which form cartouches topped by eagles.

Although it cost $50,000 to erect the statue—an incredible sum in the 1880s—the motion was approved in 1889. Sculptor Henry Jackson Ellicott completed the statue.

Part of Civil War Monuments
DC Inventory: March 3, 1979
National Register: September 20, 1978
Within Downtown Historic District and Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site



7th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW