Hillandale (Main Residence and Gatehouse)

Hillandale, located at 3905 Mansion Court, N.W., was built from 1922 to 1925, during an era when period houses were popular.

Expansive villa built for Anne Archbold, prominent social figure and donor of much of Glover-Archbold Park; picturesque, irregular composition closely modeled on photographs of Italian villas and farmhouses; rustic stucco facades with terra cotta tile roofs, balconies, and loggias, formerly situated on extensive estate; interior includes frescoes in the vestibule, a vaulted music room; complementary gatehouse and wall along Reservoir Road; only known Washington work of noted Boston architect Josephine Wright Chapman.

Built 1922‑25
DC designation July 18, 1990
National Register listing January 31, 1995



3905 Mansion Court, NW; 3905 Reservoir Road, NW