Russian Embassy (Mrs. George Pullman House)

This house was originally built for the widow of sleeping car magnate George Pullman, but it is perhaps better known as the Russian embassy in the U.S.

Built in 1910 from designs by architects Wyeth and Sullivan, the Pullman House was the property of Mrs. George M. Pullman, the widow of the sleeping car magnate. Although she never occupied the building, the Russian Czarist government did so for several years before the revolution of March 1917. After 1917, the space was taken over by the Kerensky provisional government, which the U.S. recognized for five years. From 1922 until the U.S. formally recognized the Soviet Union 12 years later, the mansion remained vacant. Upon Pullman House's reopening by the Soviet government in 1934, it was completely and sumptuously refurnished under the direction of Eugene Schoan.

DC Inventory: November 8, 1964
Within Sixteenth Street Historic District



1125 16th Street, NW