Mrs. George Pullman House (Russian Ambassador's Residence)

Originally built for the widow of George Pullman, this house has been the residence of Russian Ambassadors since 1913.

Built in 1910 from designs by architects Nathan C. Wyeth (1870-1963) and Francis P. Sullivan (1882-1929), the Pullman House was the property of Hattie Sanger, the widow of the sleeping car magnate; however, it is said she never occupied the French Beaux Arts-style building. Temporary occupants include Illinois Congressman Frank O. Lowden and Natalie Hammond, the wife of mining engineer John Hays Hammond.

In 1913, the Pullman House was sold to the Russian government and served as the Russian/Soviet Union Embassy until 1994. Today, the house is used as the official residence of the Russian Ambassador.

DC Inventory: November 8, 1964 (Joint Committee on Landmarks)
Within Sixteenth Street Historic District



1125 16th Street NW