Baron von Steuben Monument

This statue honors Prussian-born Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, who trained American troops during the Revolution.

This memorial honors Baron Frederick Wilhelm von Steuben, Major General of the Continental Army and the man most responsible for training of American troops during the Revolutionary War. Sculpted by Albert Jaegers, the statue was dedicated at a ceremony that featured President William Howard Taft as a speaker.

President Taft told the assembled crowd, “We dedicate today the last of the monuments which fill the four corners of this beautiful square and which testify to the gratitude of the American people to those from France, from Poland and from Prussia who aided them in their struggle for national independence.” After the dedication, local and visiting German-American organizations hosted banquets across the city. Even the German press in Berlin covered the event, publishing President Taft’s address.

National Register: July 14, 1978
Within Lafayette Square Historic District



H Street and Jackson Place, NW