John J. Earley Office and Studio

The home and studio of John Joseph Earley, an architect and sculptor, from 1907 to 1936.

Designed and built by John J. Earley in 1907, the building is one of two artists’ workspaces on the block, the other being the adjacent Augustus Bussard House and Studio (1916) at 2129 G Street, N.W. The Earley Office and Studio is located mid-block on the north side of the street. The two-story main office building is L-shaped in plan. The studio, or back building, is rectangular in plan and made up of one- and two-story sections. A landscaped courtyard with mature vegetation and benches is located in the space between the studio and the main office building.

The John J. Earley Office and Studio is significant as the work-space of John J. Earley, the artist, architect, and engineer who perfected a method of mixing and exposing the aggregate that combines with cement and water to produce concrete. Earley’s architectural concrete was not only durable, but attractive.

Built 1907 and 1911
DC Inventory: January 28, 2010
National Register: June 18, 2010



2131 G Street, NW. Washington D.C.