Cathedral Mansions

Cathedral Mansions Apartment Buildings are historic structures located in the Woodley Park neighborhood in the Northwest Quadrant of Washington, D.C.

The three buildings which comprise Cathedral Mansions Apartment Buildings are representative of the Grand Garden Apartment Building sub-type. They are located on a sloping, irregular shape, seven acre site. There are 492 apartment units in the complex and the many wings of the buildings defined a number of landscaped courts. Thus, the open space requirement as set forth by the 1920 zoning law became a valuable and aesthetically appealing amenity.

The landscape plan at Cathedral Mansions was designed to complement the three buildings which differ in form and detail but are all representative of the Classical Revival style. Each building employs a steel and concrete structure and is faced in red brick with limestone trim. The principal facades of the three buildings face Connecticut Avenue. Although the main courtyards of Cathedral Mansions Center and Cathedral Mansions North are no longer visible from the Avenue, they remain an amenity for the tenants. The unaltered courtyards of Cathedral Mansions South provide green views for the residents and contribute significantly to the open space on Connecticut Avenue.

These structures were designed by architect Mihran Mesrobian for developer Harry Wardman, and built between 1922 and 1925

National Register: September 9, 1994
DC Inventory: May 17, 1989



2900, 3000, and 3100 Connecticut Avenue, NW