Saint Elizabeths: West Campus

Saint Elizabeths' West Campus includes some of the hospital's earliest buildings, with the Center Building being the first. Facilities on the West Campus of Saint Elizabeths provide a striking picture of how the opinions of mental illness and its treatment evolved over time in the United States. Saint Elizabeths was an institution that understood the important role the built environment played in the care of their patients. This philosophy significantly influenced the approach hospital leaders took to the design and construction of buildings.  The consciousness exhibited by the hospital's designers was something that set Saint Elizabeths apart from other institutions during its time.

Today, the federal government remains responsible for the West Campus. Portions of the campus are being used for the United States Coast Guard's headquarters. The Department of Homeland Security is moving to the campus, with the Center Building providing important office space for DHS employees, including the Secretary of Homeland Security.

The following sites included in the tour can be found on the West Campus:

The Center Building
Burroughs Cottage
The Rest
Circulating Library
Fire House
Hitchcock Hall
Dining Hall
Administration Building



West of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE