Munson Hall Apartments

Munson Hall represents middle-class households' increasing acceptance of high rise buildings in the mid-20th century.

With the increasing demand to house federal employees and their families, Munson Hall's conventional high-rise style maximized space and affordability for its residents. The interwar period following the Great Depression made Foggy Bottom an in-demand neighborhood due to its proximity to downtown and streetcar lines, and Munson Hall fulfilled both of those needs. Despite the functional needs for residents, the building's Art Deco architecture by Robert O. Scholz also gave Munson Hall aesthetic appeal.

By the time of its completion, Washingtonians had accepted the need for apartment living, but the design elements still mattered in order to appeal to residents and passersby. Buildings like Munson Hall furthered access to affordable housing for middle-class families, with its one-bedroom and efficiency units, as well as its access to downtown D.C. as well. While now owned by the George Washington University, the building is still used as housing and continues to give residents convenient access to various parts of D.C..

DC Inventory: January 28, 2010
National Register: June 18, 2010

This site is a stop on the D.C. Apartment Buildings tour as an example of a Conventional High-Rise apartment building.



2212 I Street, NW