Munson Hall Apartments

Munson Hall represents middle-class households' increasing acceptance of high rise buildings in the mid-20th century.

The Munson Hall Apartment Building, constructed in 1937, is significant as an example of an apartment building constructed in response to rapid population growth in Washington, DC. during the interwar period. Munson Hall was the first in a cluster of apartment buildings constructed on and around Square 55 in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood following the Great Depression.

Munson Hall is also significant as the work of an innovative developer and a skilled architect. Developer Meadowbrook, Inc., under the direction of president Monroe Warren, was responsible for significant advances in affordable, middle-class, and luxury apartment buildings throughout DC and its suburbs. Architect Robert O. Scholz is regarded as one of the city’s most skilled apartment building designers; his Art Deco apartment buildings, including Munson Hall, are among the city’s most impressive examples of the style.

DC Inventory: January 28, 2010
National Register: June 18, 2010



2212 I Street, NW