Edmund Burke Statue

This statue commemorates Edmund Burke and, more broadly, partnership between the US and Great Britain.

This memorial to Edmund Burke--an English statesman who championed the cause of the American colonies in Parliament--was presented to the United States by the Sulgrave Institution, an organization that promoted friendship and international relations between the US, Great Britain, and Canada.

An author, orator, political theorist, and philosopher, Burke served in the House of Commons from 1766 to 1794, during which time he gained fame in America for criticizing the British government's control over the American colonies.

This bronze portrait statue, designed by Welsh sculptor James Havard Thomas and architect Horace W. Peaslee, is a copy of a statue in Bristol, England. Depicted in 18th-century dress, Burke stands atop a granite pedestal with his right hand raised in a gesture of debate. His left hand holds out the tail of his coat. It was erected under an Act approved April 25, 1922 without expense to the U.S. and dedicated on November 12, 1922. The statue is currently owned by the National Park Service. 

Part of American Revolution Statuary
DC Inventory: March 3, 1979
National Register: July 14, 1978
Within Shaw Historic District



Massachusetts Avenue at 11th and L Streets NW